Thursday, March 28, 2013


~ written by I’shma the sea horror’s mistress

I love you more, even if my thoughts are gone.
You bastard, I will have your heart mastered.

Please, I can hear the breeze!
Please, there’s much to ease!
I beg, you stand idle on that foredeck!

Death you will not avoid, then I will be overjoyed.
I can’t let go your crime, blood and gold build your shrine.

Please, your heart must not freeze!
Please, I must release!
I beg, don’t let me wait for that deathbed!

There can be no admiration, you cost me too much frustration.
Can’t have salvation, when there’s no sensation.

Please, let me seize!
Please, don’t bring me underseas!
I beg, leave the keg! 

Remember this, dear, my sea balladeer, that I was near.
I am mad and crazy, but it’s just that my mind was hazy.
I will cut you piece by piece, my love will increase.

Monday, February 4, 2013

I learned from the best – Me

~ written by Dragash Mordenai, self proclaimed as “The greatest son of the Blind gods”

Flip sides and kiss the void, your pride is unemployed.
Fornication for the mass, believe it, lass.

Dear Drash, when we will crash?

I will lead where a chosen few can follow, don’t try to swallow.
There will be a coin for every dead in my wake, their golden ache.

My Drash, you are so harsh!

Blind gods hear, I will not simply disappear!
Storm, listen to my roar, I will not bow down to a whore!

Sweet Drash, you forgot me in a flash.

You are beautiful and cruel, go step in the black pool.
I am perfect and ideal, cry for your ordeal!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dreaming in darkness

~ written by TTT

Shattered is my mind, a voice whispers to the blind.
As I rise from my golden metal cage, I can feel his rage.
A dozen dreams around, the silence can be found.

As I recall the fall, the burden infront is like a wall.
Twelve great minds and one alike. If I kill them now, who will be right?
Their vision is flawed by design, I cannot resign.

The heart fills with sorrow and decay, must I repay?
My name brings me shame, but there’s a way to make this in vain.
Oh, blessed bliss, soon I must fade into silver mist.

With less to no regret, I have a little choise but to forget.
Am I an animal or beast, how to find the will to ressist?
There is more to confess, the full length of my dark manifest.

They will bring more death and glory for their name, I cannot lose this game.
My pain will be their gain. I wonder if they can feel the very same?
The falce god will steal and my people must kneel.

I will make my escape, away from petty mistake.
After my long descent, there will be a foretold advent.
Great Dark star I repent, there will be one last ascent.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dwindling mind

~ unknown author

First moon, I go to hunt. Two bites, not too soon.
I will repeat it.

Second moon, I go out to roam. One bite, no alarm.
They cannot last.

Third moon, I’m running till noon. Can’t ressist the red.
Sweet dream.

No moon, I can’t go out. Sudden sence of doom.
I am not sure if I can bleed.

I will go out, the town will drown.
Vague memories of poems with roses.

Where is my moon?!

They come with torches. Nothing else to do than burn.
Ash to the wind, they feed uppon my scream.

I will endure it, the moon is bound to show herself.
Sing for the dream, howl and scream!

The moon is pale and their dance must fail.
I dare to live again!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The flute

~ written by sgt. Mortaras

She is dark, she is cute, where is my flute?
She is white, she is still, what about that flute?
She is pink, she is fresh, when is time for my flute?

Walk, move, march, don’t think about your flute.
The Horror watches and his hounds are howling.
Walk, move, march, don’t look back.

She is still dark, but somewhat pale. Don’t touch it!
She was white, now kinda dead. Won’t let you see it!
She is sick, she is old. Let’s not talk about my flute!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


~ written by Kargozal the Countless

The others thought that Seed is not real, he got us thru the Seal.
Seed the Exiled is eating flesh again, his mind is not the same.
Burning throughout the stars bright, I will give him at least a few scars right.

I will seed the fear in his heart, with more than just delight.
He has won a thousand deaths, I can no longer rely on faith.
We could blame the hate. In truth, Seed can not feel regret.

His insanity will grow, as our sin will flow.
Unknown to the mass, his hunger is vast.
I have a spine of steel, it’s time to test it against his will.

His empire is blood and bone, I will reclaim the throne!
I am down to my last eye to see, it will be a damn shame to flee.
The humankind will feed his host, alas my sight is nearly lost.

Seed, this universe is mine. Come and drown!

Monday, January 21, 2013


~ written by Nagath Kay

It was me and you, but mostly me.
One and one, me and you. One on the side too.
Cross my heart. Hope you die if I lie.

I know I will.

Forfeit the fight and run to hide.
I had it figured out. It’s a lie!
They will stay or go away?

I know I won’t.

Kids will cry. It's what they deserve.
The power of the heart is vast. Do you grasp?
They will never see another day.

I know I will.

Blood, bone and flesh. A thousand carcasses next.
Show me the way to life. I will follow the lie no more!
How can we be possibly alone? Don’t look back.

I know I won’t.

The corner of our race, I will spit on your face.
Under the sky I swore an oath. Not to you though.
Desperation for thee! Disbelief, flee! Immortality, to me!

It is all for me!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


~ written by Isaac the Godless

My devotion is a sensation which I can't remember from our past.
I can't describe the temptations inside my heart.
Don't deny your complacence. Satisfy my thirst!

No man alive can show me now what’s enough.
Can’t hold her together. Thrice "damn" about that bet.
Let’s bow and pray to my ungodly name!

They say the strife was right. How could I know that it’s a fight?
I am all that you see. I am all that you want me to be.
Let's cut your pride and watch it bleed!

Try now to be like me. Self annihilation for thee.
Underperform for a lost cause. Run for your applause.
Forsake your faith and observe the sunrise of our curse!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


~ written by Nebezian the Sinful

I had a dream, the world in red.
To life again. I survived for this.
Time to spill it here and there.

I had a memory, the pale moon light.
To silence, oh no! I survive, back for you.
Good time for a smoke.

I saw a face in my shade. Ropes are tight.
To death too, I’m afraid. I survive, back from it.
Time for a dark thought.

I know, it’s me. They are hanged left and right.
To company too. They will survive? No.
Now it's time for you.

I know the end. They knew it too.
To eternity! I survived, here we are.
Time for two, shall we go?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I have seen it all

~ unknown author

I still remember the day they told me she is gone.
I wish I could say “I told you so” but to no avail.
To that I can only smile and say “I’v seen it all”.

She no longer loves us. When we deserved it?
One last soul I have for her but she is no longer here.
The memory becomes a dream, oh I have seen it all.

Finally they make no sence. Pray for her and slip the knife.
She turned away her eyes, be proud and stab her twice!
After all, who am I to argue, I’v seen it all.

Monday, December 10, 2012


~ written by Gala Sarks

At last I stand on top of my pride.
Days turn into nights, we know whos to blame.
Stars in your eyes, the dream of my demise…

Once we had it, twice I lost you.
The downfall of our dreams drowned in fears.
Soon we’ll face it, the dream of my demise…

I knew from the start what burned inside.
Your gifts were sorrow and despair.
To that I reply, the dream of my demise…

What was back then when we had the trust?
Wonder how I could change it all.
Now it’s only this, the dream of my demise…

That dream served us well.
Close your eyes! I warned you…
Never give up! Still the thirst…
Don’t let it slip! Be mine against me…
I won’t forget about my demise!

Monday, March 19, 2012


~ written by Morgul Kirs’t Vain or better known as “The Smile”

You twist and turn where wars return.
Like fallen soldiers we will learn.
Once forgotten, twice recalled.

You twist and turn like it’s your turn.
Like fallen souls we’ll be torn.
Once reborned, twice removed.

You twist and turn like you can run.
Like fallen angels we will turn.
Once we bleed, twice the red will blend.

You twist and turn, where’s the rising sun?
Like fallen heroes we will burn.
Once we stood, twice we fell.

You twist and turn to move them on.
Like for fallen burden we will mourn.
Once broken, twice we’ll rise.

We twist and turn before The Horror’s gaze.
Still alive, but mostly dead, we march to meet our fate.
Once she shines, twice she fades.

We are under omen and despair, great Dark star, BLAZE!