Thursday, December 13, 2012

I have seen it all

~ unknown author

I still remember the day they told me she is gone.
I wish I could say “I told you so” but to no avail.
To that I can only smile and say “I’v seen it all”.

She no longer loves us. When we deserved it?
One last soul I have for her but she is no longer here.
The memory becomes a dream, oh I have seen it all.

Finally they make no sence. Pray for her and slip the knife.
She turned away her eyes, be proud and stab her twice!
After all, who am I to argue, I’v seen it all.

Monday, December 10, 2012


~ written by Gala Sarks

At last I stand on top of my pride.
Days turn into nights, we know whos to blame.
Stars in your eyes, the dream of my demise…

Once we had it, twice I lost you.
The downfall of our dreams drowned in fears.
Soon we’ll face it, the dream of my demise…

I knew from the start what burned inside.
Your gifts were sorrow and despair.
To that I reply, the dream of my demise…

What was back then when we had the trust?
Wonder how I could change it all.
Now it’s only this, the dream of my demise…

That dream served us well.
Close your eyes! I warned you…
Never give up! Still the thirst…
Don’t let it slip! Be mine against me…
I won’t forget about my demise!

Monday, March 19, 2012


~ written by Morgul Kirs’t Vain or better known as “The Smile”

You twist and turn where wars return.
Like fallen soldiers we will learn.
Once forgotten, twice recalled.

You twist and turn like it’s your turn.
Like fallen souls we’ll be torn.
Once reborned, twice removed.

You twist and turn like you can run.
Like fallen angels we will turn.
Once we bleed, twice the red will blend.

You twist and turn, where’s the rising sun?
Like fallen heroes we will burn.
Once we stood, twice we fell.

You twist and turn to move them on.
Like for fallen burden we will mourn.
Once broken, twice we’ll rise.

We twist and turn before The Horror’s gaze.
Still alive, but mostly dead, we march to meet our fate.
Once she shines, twice she fades.

We are under omen and despair, great Dark star, BLAZE!