Monday, March 19, 2012


~ written by Morgul Kirs’t Vain or better known as “The Smile”

You twist and turn where wars return.
Like fallen soldiers we will learn.
Once forgotten, twice recalled.

You twist and turn like it’s your turn.
Like fallen souls we’ll be torn.
Once reborned, twice removed.

You twist and turn like you can run.
Like fallen angels we will turn.
Once we bleed, twice the red will blend.

You twist and turn, where’s the rising sun?
Like fallen heroes we will burn.
Once we stood, twice we fell.

You twist and turn to move them on.
Like for fallen burden we will mourn.
Once broken, twice we’ll rise.

We twist and turn before The Horror’s gaze.
Still alive, but mostly dead, we march to meet our fate.
Once she shines, twice she fades.

We are under omen and despair, great Dark star, BLAZE!


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