Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dreaming in darkness

~ written by TTT

Shattered is my mind, a voice whispers to the blind.
As I rise from my golden metal cage, I can feel his rage.
A dozen dreams around, the silence can be found.

As I recall the fall, the burden infront is like a wall.
Twelve great minds and one alike. If I kill them now, who will be right?
Their vision is flawed by design, I cannot resign.

The heart fills with sorrow and decay, must I repay?
My name brings me shame, but there’s a way to make this in vain.
Oh, blessed bliss, soon I must fade into silver mist.

With less to no regret, I have a little choise but to forget.
Am I an animal or beast, how to find the will to ressist?
There is more to confess, the full length of my dark manifest.

They will bring more death and glory for their name, I cannot lose this game.
My pain will be their gain. I wonder if they can feel the very same?
The falce god will steal and my people must kneel.

I will make my escape, away from petty mistake.
After my long descent, there will be a foretold advent.
Great Dark star I repent, there will be one last ascent.


Danail Nikolov said...

Your best poem ever! After these words, I have nothing to say more.

Nordik said...

Great, dude!
It's more complex than your previous works. You definitely show some progress.

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