Monday, February 4, 2013

I learned from the best – Me

~ written by Dragash Mordenai, self proclaimed as “The greatest son of the Blind gods”

Flip sides and kiss the void, your pride is unemployed.
Fornication for the mass, believe it, lass.

Dear Drash, when we will crash?

I will lead where a chosen few can follow, don’t try to swallow.
There will be a coin for every dead in my wake, their golden ache.

My Drash, you are so harsh!

Blind gods hear, I will not simply disappear!
Storm, listen to my roar, I will not bow down to a whore!

Sweet Drash, you forgot me in a flash.

You are beautiful and cruel, go step in the black pool.
I am perfect and ideal, cry for your ordeal!


Danail Nikolov said...

So much ego and madness and so much behind them. Brilliant.

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