Saturday, January 19, 2013


~ written by Isaac the Godless

My devotion is a sensation which I can't remember from our past.
I can't describe the temptations inside my heart.
Don't deny your complacence. Satisfy my thirst!

No man alive can show me now what’s enough.
Can’t hold her together. Thrice "damn" about that bet.
Let’s bow and pray to my ungodly name!

They say the strife was right. How could I know that it’s a fight?
I am all that you see. I am all that you want me to be.
Let's cut your pride and watch it bleed!

Try now to be like me. Self annihilation for thee.
Underperform for a lost cause. Run for your applause.
Forsake your faith and observe the sunrise of our curse!


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