Thursday, March 28, 2013


~ written by I’shma the sea horror’s mistress

I love you more, even if my thoughts are gone.
You bastard, I will have your heart mastered.

Please, I can hear the breeze!
Please, there’s much to ease!
I beg, you stand idle on that foredeck!

Death you will not avoid, then I will be overjoyed.
I can’t let go your crime, blood and gold build your shrine.

Please, your heart must not freeze!
Please, I must release!
I beg, don’t let me wait for that deathbed!

There can be no admiration, you cost me too much frustration.
Can’t have salvation, when there’s no sensation.

Please, let me seize!
Please, don’t bring me underseas!
I beg, leave the keg! 

Remember this, dear, my sea balladeer, that I was near.
I am mad and crazy, but it’s just that my mind was hazy.
I will cut you piece by piece, my love will increase.