Monday, January 21, 2013


~ written by Nagath Kay

It was me and you, but mostly me.
One and one, me and you. One on the side too.
Cross my heart. Hope you die if I lie.

I know I will.

Forfeit the fight and run to hide.
I had it figured out. It’s a lie!
They will stay or go away?

I know I won’t.

Kids will cry. It's what they deserve.
The power of the heart is vast. Do you grasp?
They will never see another day.

I know I will.

Blood, bone and flesh. A thousand carcasses next.
Show me the way to life. I will follow the lie no more!
How can we be possibly alone? Don’t look back.

I know I won’t.

The corner of our race, I will spit on your face.
Under the sky I swore an oath. Not to you though.
Desperation for thee! Disbelief, flee! Immortality, to me!

It is all for me!


Nordik said...

This one i like a lot! I think it's one of your best. It's more fluid...

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